Green Flor
is an experienced producer of roll-out lawns and extensive green roofs.

Plants are the foundation of life - without them other forms of life, including humans, have no chance of surviving. They provide oxygen, influence the climate, reduce air pollution, are a source of food and many other goods. Appreciating the paramount importance of plants for our ecosystem, we should create ideal conditions for their development and constantly allocate new places for greenery. It can be the interior of a house, terrace, garden, but also a roof of a building, which looks spectacular covered by plants. We should also remember that the proximity of plants is a great advantage for our well-being, so we should surround ourselves with them all the more.

Green Flor is a producer of roll-out lawns and materials for extensive green roof systems. Our company is located in Moskwin in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, several dozen kilometres from Białystok. We are a team of qualified and experienced gardeners and landscape architects who share a great passion for plant breeding. Our goal is to share its effects with all of Poland.

The secret of our plants

The quality of roll-out lawns and extensive green roof systems from our plantation results from plants grown on fertile Podlasie soil. Contrary to many regions of Poland, we still have perfect natural conditions for their development. It also results from perfectly matched seed mixtures, which constitute our greatest secret. As a result, our roll-out lawns are intensely green and dense, which can also be seen at first glance in the gardens lined with them, on sports fields or green squares. The selection of plants for green roofs is equally important, thanks to which they constitute a coherent, well-thought-out composition adapted to individual conditions.


We have created an extensive GF green roof system, which due to its low technical requirements is suitable for almost all roof framing types. Our system has all the benefits both for people and the environment which are characteristic for green roofs.

We also produce high quality turf-grass for roll-out lawns. Our carefully selected grass blends are grown on special plantations in Podlasie. This ecologically clean region of Poland offers perfect environment for growing turf-grass. From here, our lush, green turf-grass is transported to our clients in all regions of Poland.

We invite you to read the details of our offer. In the "Product Catalogue" department we present our mats, geo-textiles and other accessories used in green roof systems. Choose cooperation with the Green Flor company and enjoy soothing greenery in your surroundings!