Advantages of roll-out lawns

trawa z rolki
trawa w rolce - zalety

Choosing a roll-out lawn over traditional lawn cultivation has many advantages. It is a less time-consuming process with guaranteed results. When we start a lawn from scratch, we do not have this comfort, because we do not know what the result of our work will be. Meanwhile, we see a roll-out lawn before it is placed on the ground prepared for it. Therefore, you just need to choose a supplier who will deliver a top quality roll-out lawn, adapted to the growing conditions. Just choose Green Flor roll-out lawns.

Roll-out lawns have many advantages visible at first glance, however there are also some hidden benefits. The first group includes aesthetics – a roll-out lawn is thick, dense and intensely green, which is the main reason why it is worth investing in it - it will make the surroundings of your home look beautiful. The grass from our crops also works well in difficult conditions, such as sports fields or playgrounds. It also does not require any special soil conditions, and maintenance of a roll-out lawn is not particularly difficult or time-consuming, hence the possibility of using it to develop green areas in a degraded environment. Thanks to its aesthetic values, our roll-out lawn has a positive effect on your well-being, and its juicy green soothes the senses.

We want to clearly emphasize that a roll-out lawn is still a natural lawn, only grown outside the target place of cultivation. Therefore, it is distinguished by all the advantages that are characteristic of natural vegetation. Grass, including roll-out lawns, absorbs dust from the air (1 m2 of lawn can absorb about 40 kg of dust per year!), binds poisonous gases, and thanks to the evaporation of water from the leaves, it moisturizes and regulates the microclimate. Grass also affects the circulation of oxygen (100 m2 of the lawn annually produces enough oxygen to meet the needs of 10 people) and prevents soil erosion, which is especially important in sloping lands. In addition, a roll-out lawn provides acoustic insulation, and thus suppresses noise.

If you wish to know all the advantages of our product, it is best to order a roll-out lawn sample and place it next to the existing lawn for comparison. We are convinced that once you have learned about the benefits of roll-out lawns, you will no longer wish to go back to traditional lawn cultivation.