ekstensywne dachy zielone

Extensive green roof systems by Green Flor consists of plants with minimal vegetation requirements. They are dry-loving plants that can maintain and develop on their own. Therefore, they do not require any complicated maintenance treatments. These plants reproduce vegetatively and generatively. GF vegetation mats include vegetation such as: mosses, herbs, sedum, perennials and grasses.

The extensive system proposed by our company is basically a self-sufficient system, which does not require extensive maintenance at a later date. This type of green roof system maintains itself, because the natural environmental processes that take place in the substrate provide the plants with nutrients necessary for their proper vegetation. The lack of water is compensated by specially selected mechanisms. The whole functions in a closed system, in which old plants die, new plants are sown naturally and young plants develop. This circuit can be supported by servicing.

It should be remembered that this system can be considered self-sufficient when the plant layer roots to the vegetation layer, which will provide it with water necessary for proper growth. This means that once a green roof is in place, it will require some maintenance, particularly irrigation, to allow the roots to grow into the vegetation layer. Therefore, immediately after planting the roof with extensive greenery, the whole thing should be watered in such a way that both the mats and the substrate under them absorb the maximum amount of water. Then, within two to six weeks after installing a green roof, the humidity should be checked daily and the roof should be watered if necessary to keep it moist. Extensive roofs do not usually require watering after the growth phase, but during periods of drought it is advisable to irrigate the green roof from time to time to maintain a satisfactory aesthetic value.

Maintenance procedures that should be performed once or twice a year depending on the needs are limited to the following activities:

  • supplying plants with nutrients using fertilizers (organic fertilizers with long-lasting effect, multi-component NPK fertilizers. Dosage depending on the type of fertilizer should be from 5 to 30g/m2)
  • irrigation of roof surfaces exposed to strong sunlight
  • removal of unwanted plants
  • replenishment of empty spaces with sedum shoots obtained from pruning in densely overgrown areas
  • replenishment of the substrate during erosion
  • removal of vegetation from technical installations

The condition for the proper functioning of the extensive green roof by Green Flor is the proper selection of layers of the GF system, as well as maintenance in accordance with the recommendations.