Division of green roofs

ekstensywne dachy zielone
podział dachów zielonych

In the case of green roofs, there are three types of greening. The classification depends on the method of use, technical conditions and the type of construction. Each type is based on a varied selection of plants and a different method of maintenance. In planning and implementation practice, the following types are distinguished:

intensive greening
  • cultivation of perennials, shrubs and trees
  • flat, arranged in spots or varied in terms of height
  • plants used in this type of greening have very high requirements in terms of multi-layer buildings. It is necessary to fertilize and water them regularly
  • intensive greening can be maintained in the long term only by careful maintenance
Simplified intensive greening
  • green areas with grasses, coppices and shrubs created as covering the ground
  • limited variety of shape and use
  • plants have lower requirements in terms of fertilization and irrigation in comparison to intensive greening
Extensive greening
  • they are forms of vegetation that develop independently. They are resistant to extreme weather conditions and have a strong ability to regenerate
  • the plant layer consists of sedum, herbs, grasses and mosses. It undergoes a natural transformation
  • it does not require extensive maintenance (1-2 control treatments a year)