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Currently, there is little space for greenery in large cities. We may care for existing parks, but we do not create new ones, preferring to invest in profitable office buildings, housing estates and shopping centres. It is not good for clean air, and neither for our health. Smog in Poland is now a front page topic because we occupy an infamous place in the forefront of the most polluted European countries. Therefore, there is much to do in this field, but how can we reconcile the will for the development of agglomerations with finding places for greenery in them? The answer is – let us invest in green roofs!

The term ‘green roofs’ is used to define the effects of gardening and landscape works carried out on roof sheathings. Plants are laid on a special insulating layer and substrates that enable their rooting and vegetation. Planning and implementation of such a project is a comprehensive operation. First of all, you have to take into account the various criteria and specific conditions for an individual design. The climatic and weather, construction and plant factors should be taken into account. Already at the planning stage, one must also take into account the natural transformation of vegetation. All this can be minimized by proper layer selection and regular plant care.


Most of us have a need for communing with nature. Greenery calms us down, relieves stress and allows us to regenerate. The proximity of green areas is therefore very beneficial for people, not only for environmental reasons. A green roof on an office building, in a shopping centre, or on a residential building, is a great way to save land, but also to maintain closeness to nature by making space available for it which otherwise seems useless.

Green roofs are a great place to relax outdoors. They are a convenient and effective solution when organizing additional leisure space in many public facilities and private homes. What’s more, when designing green roofs, a professional company will be able to create real wonders, including various alleys, rock gardens and streams. However, these are not all the benefits of using intensive, but also non-usable, extensive green roof systems.

Inestimable value of green roofs for the environment

Green roofs constitute an attractive, ecological and practical method to add a touch of natural charm to the urban landscape. Greenery has a calming effect and makes us feel better. The aesthetic values are also important - a green roof is an ingenious decoration of any building and has a positive effect on its image. It evokes good associations with the green lifestyle that is so popular today, and is indeed important when it comes to environmental protection. It is enough to mention, for example, the removal of air pollutants in the largest cities. Unfortunately, there is more and more pollution - and less and less large green areas. Thanks to our experience in designing such solutions, we provide comprehensive support in the implementation of green roof investments.

Of all the advantages, however, the environmental value of green roofs is the most important one. It is enough to mention, for example, the removal of air pollutants in the largest cities, where smog significantly exceeds the norms. Therefore, it is more and more often a question of specific requirements. According to the legal basis, a green roof can be treated as an equivalent of the area used for construction. The use of green roofs is also of increasing importance in the aspect of decentralized rainwater management. As environmental protection makes sense when it is a continuous activity, the durability of green roofs must be ensured. The current challenge related to the ongoing deficit of water resources is retention and rainwater management. In this case, a green roof is a simple and effective way to solve this global problem.

Fortunately, an increasing number of investors see the advantages of such solutions and the unforced need to install green roofs on their facilities. This is good for the environment and the investment itself, as it gains additional value. For interested investors, Green Flor is able to select green roof layers for almost any available space, which will be completely safe for the construction of a new and already used building. The roof must have a slope of no more than 45 degrees.

Therefore, please visit the tab on extensive green roof systems by Green Flor, where we discuss our green roofs.

More and more investors notice the advantages of green roofs