GF 15-45 extensive mat

trawa z rolki

GF 15-45 extensive mat

The extensive mat, covered with previously grown vegetation, constitutes a plant layer, which is one of the three basic layers of the GREENFLOR system, which are necessary for the proper functioning of a green roof.

GF 15-45 extensive mat is based on special supports made of PA (polyamide) fibres ensuring increased mechanical strength, which plays an important role in transferring loads on roofs with greater inclination angles. This carrier ensures an even distribution of the substrate layer, which enables the proper development of the root system. The plant cover is a range of dry-loving plants in the form of various species of sedum, herbs, mosses and grasses. This mat is used on surfaces with an inclination of 15° to 45°.


Weight Up to 35kg/m²
Thickness Approx. 2,5-3,5cm
Form of delivery Mat with the following dimensions:
- standard: 1m x 2m (roll), 1m x 1m
- non-standard: depending on the needs, the length of the cut mats is up to 20 running metres
The goods are packed up to max. 35 m² on a 110 x 110 cm pallet.


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